Sorry about the lack of update, I’m feeling pretty under the weather right now. I usually recover quickly though, so I’ll try to update the game once my brain is a little less hazy and my throat stops feeling like crushed glass.

have some chill plaid beats


Anonymous asked: Is there any way to turn off the business day theme?

I believe that’s a bug caused by some outdated add-ons. To fix it, type “Game.seasonT=1;” into your javascript console !

look at these dumb background balloons I made ages ago for some old unreleased project
edit : click on them to see the whole thing because apparently tumblr feels like cutting them off

easter update coming along fine, fixed most of the bugs people have reported and added several suggestions I’ve received - will try to release tomorrow on /beta and then to live on the 20th

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Anonymous asked: The way you're planning it, will the prestige update result in a net gain or net loss of CpS, or just spice things up?

There’ll be several things at play :

  • rebalancing might make parts of the game a bit slower (I’m uncomfortable with the fact that you can get a hundred prisms in less than a day without any heavenly chips)
  • on the other hand, new buildings will bump potential CpS a lot higher
  • new fun gameplay possibilities added by prestige upgrades will also mix things up more or less unpredictably

spencer-y-el-oso asked: How do you name your bakery? I've looked all over and can't seem to find anything.

it’s not officially in yet, but type Game.bakeryNameAllow() in the console

ps : click the name to edit it


Anonymous asked: How many cookies do you currently have. I must know dis.

I’m getting there, yep


Anonymous asked: Is the prestige thing fixed yet? I haven't played in about a week and I'm scared to find out if I'm affected.

You’re only affected if you opened the game in the ~30 minutes after the update rolled out and before I shut off the emergency gates. I also added a quick system to get back what you lost if you were affected at all. So don’t worry, it’s safe to come in !

Reminder : future updates will first be uploaded to /beta, in order to prevent dumb stuff like that from happening again. Your save on the beta will be independent from the live game !


Anonymous asked: cookie clicker nude code plox?


edit : oh come on, quotes get messed-up no matter how I escape them. goddammit tumblr
so yeah replace the bad “s by proper “s


Anonymous asked: Hey, the game got into this year's Google Code Jam! I know this is not a question, I just wanted to say congrats! :)