Anonymous asked: Can you make an offline version of Cookie Clicker v1.0465 available for download? I need to finish Bicentennial before I update. Thanks for reading.

See the “Try the beta / Classic” buttons at the top-right ? I’ll be changing those into a drop-down menu where you can pick to go to the beta, classic version or v1.0465 ! (and any other “milestone” versions that people feel like sticking to in the future)


Anonymous asked: So wait... judging from what pocket-sized-sorcery said, does this mean you'll be changing/reseting everyones hard earned heavenly chips, or are you changing the way everyone makes heavenly cookies? I'm a little confused.

I won’t be wiping anyone’s hard work (except on the beta, where you can just import your progress from the live version anyway), I’ll just be converting people’s current heavenly chips into the new amount when they load their old game into the new version. They probably won’t get the same CpS boost from them - but then again, everything else is changing and getting rebalanced too !


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why anon, that’d be my plea-LMAO nah i only drink malibu coke


beginnersbutnotan00b asked: Too many Waifus going to destroy your Laifu


Anonymous asked: Are you planning on doing anything else with nested?

it’s a sequel, baby

it’s still very much embryonic though and I’m busy with other stuff so that won’t be out for a while (ie. Soon™)


pocket-sized-sorcery asked: I'm sure you've given a lot of thought to the update, and let me just say in the little bit I played with it I was blown away. But in regards to the Heavenly chips to cookies part of the update, do you think that the conversion rate would be better suited to a logarithmic or exponential calculation instead of a flat rate of 10 to 1? It seems like it would suit the flow of the game better with striving for incremental boosts each ascension rather than adding a larger chunk of a boost.

that’s actually a good idea

initially the reason behind the “you need 1 trillion cookies to get the first heavenly chip, 2 more trillions for the second one, 3 more for the third one” etc system was mostly just because I wanted to be cute and thought it’d be enough of a slow curve

but then I started seeing people with millions of HCs and it was just ridiculous and aaah I kind of intended people to just get a few every reset

I might switch to the progression buildings use instead, so we can have more reasonable prices for prestige upgrades and so I can boost heavenly cookies without worrying about abominable CpS mutlipliers (and so HCs can feel special and rare)

what do you guys think


Anonymous asked: Do you live around Paris and if so do you wanna grab a pint sometime?

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Sorry anon, I’m already married to that other anon who said they’d bake me cookies, I think. We’ll have to see if they’re okay with that first

here’s a fun fact : a couple french expressions to say “I frankly don’t care” roughly translate to “well doesn’t that give me a pretty leg" and "I’m stamping my conch of that

bonus fun fact : a dutch expression for “I’m amazed” is “my clogs just broke