i’ll be visiting opti in the netherlands this week
gon watch star trek and eat meatbuns yeee

will bring back stroopwafels


Anonymous asked: You were probably hoping people wouldn't notice, but.. why are you Orteil number 42, and what happened to the other 41 Orteils?

demonic cloning ritual. 43rd is just about ready, the epiderm’s drying off as we speak

when was the last time y’all used a title on a text post


Anonymous asked: Nine thousand months ago you said you are almost finished with dungeons and you said that you are going to release it next month. Nine thousand months later you still didn't release dungeons. Can you please tell us your current progress of dungeons?

I can’t see what the problem is, honestly. Back then, I said the dungeons were almost ready and I’d be releasing them next month; they are, indeed, still almost done and still releasing next month. I am a thoroughly consistent person.
in all seriousness tho, this is getting pretty ridic and i’ll have to delve back into the sick mess that is dungeons.js to hopefully salvage something playable, but that’ll be after the prestige update (which is underway). i still have tons of neat ideas for dungeons and by golly they will make it into the game somehow


Anonymous asked: American Independence Day is July FOURTH. You are offending my freedom.

*jim halpert face*

happy birthday america

have some chill chocobeats


Anonymous asked: So when is the year-old cookie-versary? 'Cause I seriously want to buy a 10" pizza-sized cookie with 'Happy B-Day CC' icing' to give to my grandma as a gift.

dude that’s radical you better post pictures

but yeah i’ll try to time a nice fun update for august 8th, which should be precisely 1 year after that one fateful night i spent goofing around in javascript

get yo party hats ready

*doing things*

have some chill zubat beats

hey hey so Cookie Clicker is gonna be a year old soon, right ? there’s one thing I’d like to say to you guys
thank you all so much for the donations and kind words and helping support us goofs and our silly little game. Cookie Clicker wouldn’t be where it is without y’all and we’re super-thankful to have this as our job. We hope we can keep making the game better and also continue developing other fun weird games too !
just had to take this off my chest ok bye