okay you guys this is all well and good, but my cookie game is really only the tip of the iceberg of online time-wasting
so here are a bunch of other similar (often better) games, compiled from a list someone made on /v/ :
(WARNING, these are some serious time-wasters, some of this is way more addicting than Cookie Clicker - DO NOT PLAY IF ALREADY SLEEP-DEPRIVED)

  • Candy Box, which actually inspired me to make Cookie Clicker in the first place. it has dungeons and stuff, I think it’s CHARMING
  • A Dark Room, which is super-rad and surprisingly good-looking for a text game
  • Gold and Gems, pretty much Candy Box with (not very good) graphics and none of the humor
  • that one japanese game with boxes, which is a little tricky to get but pretty fun
  • Ginormo Sword, which is two weeks of my life I’ll never get back. MAKE DA SWORD BIGGER YO
  • Kaguya Table, about flipping tables I think ?
  • BoxCar2D, which seems to be a car-generating genetic algorithm
  • Progress Quest, if you don’t even feel like interacting at all
  • Powder Game, where you spray particles of various materials to create strange new worlds (another favorite of mine, check out the guy’s other games too !)
  • Anti-Idle : the game - I don’t even know
  • Battle Without End - you can cancel your appointments because that’s exactly what it says on the tin

ok I need sleep tho peace out y’all

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